Alexander Meskouris

Real Estate Investor

New York, NY

About Alexander Meskouris

Born and raised in New York, Alexander Meskouris thrived in school. Graduating at the top of his class in high school, he decided to pursue his post-secondary education. While attending his alma mater, Alexander began developing the skills that would eventually inspire him to create his own company. Once he had earned his bachelor’s degree, he quickly found a solid footing in the business sector. His first position taught him a great deal about finance and real estate, which he maintained an interest in throughout his life. He developed a dedicated passion for the real estate industry over time, which directly led to his decision to open his firm.

Now Mr. Meskouris pursues his dual passions in both property management and development. While these are separate ventures, the goals and results are the same: happy tenants and happy owners. In his off-hours, Mr. Meskouris enjoys traveling with his family, exploring restaurants both at home and abroad, and creating new and exciting experiences at every opportunity.

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